As a mature student I was apprehensive about how well I would take to learning an instrument. When I first began taking saxophone lessons with Lucille about 2 years ago, I had no playing experience and had never read music.

With Lucille's teaching approach I have progressed really well and am working towards Grade 5.

Louis, 40


I have been having saxophone lessons with Lucille for a while now and have found her to be an excellent teacher. She has a friendly and relaxed manner and her lessons are enjoyable, fun and the time flies. I always leave a lesson feeling inspired and wanting to practise more.  Lucille is very talented and knowledgeable.  She will challenge you at times but is always patient and gives plenty of encouragement, particularly if you are having difficulty with something.  Whatever your age, even if you are a 'mature' student as I am, whether you already play or are a beginner, I would not hesitate to recommend Lucille as a teacher.  I have learned so much from her and would not have believed I would be reading music or playing the saxophone to the level I am now.

Cynthia, 68

I am thoroughly enjoying my experience of learning to play the saxophone with Lucille as my teacher. She is relaxed and supportive, but also great at motivating me to practice. I really enjoy my lessons as Lucille selects a good variety of music to play and is great at encouraging me to challenge myself.


Joan, 74

I contacted Lucille as I wanted to learn to play the Sax (I had never even held one before!) and Lucille was so helpful. She advised me on the best one to purchase and I am so happy with it. I have been having lessons regularly and I'm totally enjoying them. I can even play tunes that the family can identify! Lucille is very patient and makes it look so easy she will also take you out of your comfort zone which is a good thing. I will never look back and highly recommend Lucille.


Lou, 48


It was my greatest regret selling my clarinet when I was 17 years old. I took the plunge and 30 years later started having lessons again with Lucille. It’s so wonderful doing something for me. Lucille has so much patience and knowledge. The lessons fly by so fast as Lucille makes them so enjoyable. I am so glad I started learning again and am sure it stimulates my mental wellbeing too!


Jane, 45


Back in the dizzying heights of 1993, I was enjoying me 4th birthday party with a game of musical chairs in the living room when DJ Dad sticks on Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street”. From that moment on the sound of the sax has stuck with me but I never had the will to do anything about it until at age 30 a change in personal circumstances made me think “why the hell not!”
I got myself a sax, found Lucille’s details online and gave her a message about what I wanted to do. We arranged a lesson (the 1st one being free is a great idea by the way) and never looked back. Her knowledge, patience and enthusiasm for helping you learn is second to none. Every lesson is great fun, it goes in the blink of an eye and she’s always really accommodating if I’ve had to reschedule. Each week I’ve thought “I’ll never be able to play this” and each week Lucille has proved me wrong. 4-5months later I’m staring at Grade 3 pieces can you believe!
It’s true what they say, it’s never too late!


Gavin, 30  

With my dad being a brass band player, my mom playing piano and my grandparents all musically gifted, I was made(!) to play piano at 10, but it never felt right for me. Having scraped a 'pass' at grade 1, I gave it up and hadn't looked at instruments since.

Fast forward to aged 25 and with a new appreciation for the art of music, I decided I wanted to play saxophone, with very limited knowledge and especially experience. Lucille has an incredible resume and her knowledge and experience really show when she teaches, picking up all the little errors you would never have noticed when practising at home, and of course all the big ones too! She is super friendly, warm and encouraging. I have enjoyed every lesson I have been to.

Despite a busy work schedule and limited practising time between lessons, I'm now completing grade 3 scales and almost onto grade 3 pieces - after around 4/5 months. But I'm sure that if I had put more time and commitment at home I would have definitely been a grade higher - all through Lucille!


Mitch, 25

I am a recently retired 62 year old man , who always wished to play a saxophone, last Christmas my partner called my bluff and bought me one. After the shock, I had to find a tutor and stumbled upon Lucille. She has rekindled a desire to learn in me. A very talented, patient and instructive woman. She is a pleasure to learn from , who guides me at my own pace. I would recommend her to anyone out there who wants to play an instrument. I never thought at my age I  would be playing music , but  Lucille is inspiring and exceptional. You won't be disappointed.

Jim, 62


I have been having Soprano Saxophone lessons with Lucille for over six months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a complete beginner and couldn't read music. Lucille is very professional and extremely  knowledgeable. She is a lovely person and goes above and beyond to ensure you not only enjoy your lessons but that you gain confidence in your learning. She structures the lessons to your abilities and goes at your pace. I would strongly recommend Lucille as a music teacher. Whatever your level of learning you will gain supportive, encouraging teaching.


Penny, 56

I have been learning Clarinet, with Lucille, for several months now and am finding Lucille’s teaching very enjoyable and motivating. She is an excellent and inspiring teacher with an extensive knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend her! 

Mike, 70

In my late 40s I suddenly decided  to learn a new instrument; I decided on the sax. Luckily I found Lucille who could offer on line lessons. 


Lucille has utilised her humour, experience and in-depth knowledge and passion for the saxophone to consistently inspire me. She has provided a solid base of learning; and cultivated the desire and confidence for me to continue. Thank you, Richard. 

Richard, 47

I have been learning the alto sax with Lucille for 9 months now and I love her lessons. She is encouraging and gives clear instruction, and I've progressed much quicker than I thought I would. I had flute lessons while in school but I found that in those lessons my passion for music declined over time. Learning the saxophone with Lucille has helped me rediscover my love of playing musical instruments and I'm excited to keep learning and pushing myself to improve.


Hannah, 20